Pramana Experience

Established in 2013, Pramana Experience is a hotel management operator based in Bali. As we continue to expand our portfolio, we do so with the Pramana philosophy. This involves a commitment to a sustainable model of community and culture-based tourism, staying true to the Balinese concept of balance by respecting the people of Bali and the natural environment. The continued growth of the Pramana Experience brand is driven by an experienced management team with a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry, with time spent at luxury resorts, boutique villas and local chain hotels.


The hand of lotus in Hinduism meditation is called “LOTUS MUDRA”. The Lotus Mudra opens the heart chakra to be joyful, full of love and compassionate and is a symbol of purity. A lotus flower sits on the surface of the pond, opening to the sun as its roots remain deeply embedded into the muddy bottom, holding it frm and strong. It is the symbol of light and beauty emerging from the darkness. The idea of “Lotus Mudra” is representing the genuine hospitality we serve to our customer. We always learn and enlight ourself to improve our services to touch the heart of our customers.